Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mojtaba SamieNejad, 25 year old blogger and student, was first arrested on November 1, 2004 for reporting the arrests of three other bloggers. He was held in custody for almost three months. Following his temporary release on January 27, 2005, he started a new blog to reflect his thoughts and beliefs. This resulted in a second unlawful arrest which has lasted to this day.

Mojtaba is kept in Ghezel Hesar prison amongst inmates convicted of murder and other serious offences. Mojtaba was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on June 2, 2005. This sentence was issued by Judge Saadat of Revolutionary Court 13.

It is ours' and all human rights activists' duty to take a stand against the injustice of imprisonment for voicing one’s opinion. We ask all bloggers, human rights organizations and free people of the world to help Mojtaba by voicing their objection to his sentencing and demand his immediate and unconditional release.

Please show your support by email to us and linking to this page.

In French: Mojtaba SamieNejad! Sa vie est réellement en danger! Les droits de l' homme en danger!

In German(Deutsch): Menschenrechte in Gefahr! Freiheit für Mojtaba SamieNejad! Rettet das Leben von Mojtaba SamieNejad!

In Spanish: Derechos humanos esta en peligro! Libertad para Mojtaba SamieNejad! Salve la vida de Mojtaba SamieNejad!

In Finish: Ihmisoikeus on vaarassa Vapaus Mojtaba SamieNejad:lle Pelastakaa Mojtaba SamieNejadn henki!

In Norwegian: Menneskerettigheter er i fare!Frihet for Mojtaba SamieNejad!Redd livet til Mojtaba SamieNejad!

In Sweden: mänskliga rättigheter är i fara.frihet åt Mojtaba SamieNejad.Agera för frikännande av Mojtaba SamieNejad!

In Italian: italian:I diritti dell vomo sono stati nuovamente toccati. La vita di Mojtaba SamieNejad eim pericolo!

In Slovak: slovak:Lъdske prбva sъ opд» povu№ovanй!ѕivot Mojtaba SamieNejadho je v nebezpecnetrй.

I support your cause. I had a post written about it in my blog: http://www.musing-wanderer.blogspot.com/#111746387534099403

I will now definitely link you there.
I support Mojtaba .. i will post free Mojtaba in my blog :
free Mojtaba ..
free Mojtaba
Injustice is not unique to any country. We have to fight injustice whenever and whereever it rears it's ugly head...

My prayers are with Mojtaba. May he be freed soon. I would like to meet him my next visit to Iran.
I believe that justice, no matter what the cause, must prevail. You will find my comments and blog here:

Free Mojtaba
10 - 6 - 2005
Free Mojtaba

12 - 6 - 2005
free Mojtaba
13 - 6 - 2005
Free Mojtaba

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June 15, 2005

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei

Mr. Khamenei,

I have studied you, your Religion and method of governing now for a long time, however, it is the events of late in your Country that prompt me to write today.

If the accusations are true that Mojtaba Saminejad is being jailed in Tehran for reporting the arrest of 3 bloggers and or disrespecting you, Supreme Religious Guide (Leader).

Then I, as a Supreme Infidelian leader in the most powerful and free Country in the world hereby demand the immediate release of Mojtaba Saminejad, allowing him un-restricted access to the International Media, and the ability to continue unrestricted, un-intimidated and unfiltered writings on his blog site.

In addition you must immediately, actively, publicly and daily begin promoting Individual Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion among all people of all faiths and genders.

Should you choose to disobey these demands, let it be known to the world that I will do everything in my power so that the shackles of Religion and Fear you have ruled by for so long are removed from the people of Iran. And then like Mr. Hussein you will be brought to Justice.

Now is the time to act and be true to your people, it is not too late, you are very powerful and may quickly gain the respect of the young before they rise against you.

They are waiting for you to tell them the truth, they are giving you this chance, before the election on the 17th you must go to your people and do as I ask. Millions of people all over the world are watching, waiting and counting on you.

Ron Holbrook
Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.
Freedom in Iran will require a revolution.

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